Edward Cullens: The Perfect Fantasy Man

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This story is begin when I found a novel in a Gramedia bookshelf. As someone who really like wasting time with a book, I falling in love at the firstsight with Twilight. Actually, story about vampire attracted me since I sat in junior high school. So, when I knew Twilight is about vampire, I immedietly bought for it. I just spend two days to finished it. And for the second time, I falling in love again with one of the Twilight’s characters, Edward Cullen.

Since I knew about ‘love’, I always hope that I can get a perfect man who really love me too. I have a list what the perfect man is. And all of that, I found in Edward. Edward is a Vampire, a vegetarian vampire, who didn’t want to drink human blood. He is smart, kind, handsome, cool, rich, strong, speed, romantic and 17 years forever. He is an attractive immortal creatures who can made me pray to get someone like him for whole my life although he is a vampire. But it is not just stop at all. He still have many things that many of man didn’t have or give. There is love, attention, understanding, respect, and feeling safe. What a perfect man!

Obviously, finding someone like Edward is a difficult job for a girl. A man who can talk and think not only with his brain but his heart too. A man who can completely love with woman without make an affair with anything. Generally, man give the second direction for his girl in his heart. The first place was taken by his favorite thing, like motorcycle, car, handphone, playstation, or labtop. Girl cannot disturd man’s world, their first love is their gadget. That’s an opinion that life around me. It can become worst if they made an affair with other girls. Sometime, they really good as a heart-breaker. Fortunately, it didn’t happen with Edward. His first and final love is Bella, just bella and nobody or thing can exchange with Bella position. That’s the best point of Edward. That’s the reason why girls, include me, love him so much.

Apparently, Not only me that crazy about Twilight and Edward, but almost entire the world. It made Summit Entertaintment interested to transform it into a film with the same name, Twilight. To found someone who can be an ‘Edward’, Summit opened the casting. There was 3000 talent who enrolled and Robert Pattinson is the one who made Catherine Hardwicke, the film director, directly said, ”yes, he’s the one”.

Robert Pattinson was born on May, 13 1986 with brown hair and blue-grey eyes. Although he got many of scornful because he played Twilight as Edward, Rob never give up to try. And now, everybody know that only him who suitable with Edward. The director said that he could bring Edward to be real figure. And all of Twilight’s fans agree with her. His appearance who always cool and a little bit fierce really fit with Edward’s character. Bur Rob isn’t Edward. Even He could play it’s character with really good, Rob is still not Edward. Edward is too perfect to life in the real world. He is a dream for all of girls because he have everything that girls needed, dreamed. I think it’s happen because the writer is a woman. Stephenie Meyer made a character who can answer every girls question, a perfect man. She made Edward always know about how to make a girl happy, know how to understand about girls feeling, and always respect with them. But, Rob just a man, still not Edward. He was perfect in the movie, but it can’t give a guarantee that he is a perfect man in the reality.

Edward became icon in my brain to find someone. But I know, it is impossible to found a perfect man for me because I’m not perfect too. I just keep trying to seek my soulmate that really close like Edward. So far, I’m not find ‘him’ yet. The final answer I’ll give for God, but I never stop to pray for the best man that will take my heart and everything that I have.

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3 komentar

  1. gooo edwaaard....

  2. ahh, I spent almost a day to finish reading t xD
    tp kalo Edward nya trlalu protektif ya kdang2 bkin sebel jg :|

  3. Keprotektifan Edward kan baru muncul waktu ada saingan berrat yang jelas juga dicintai oleh Bella, Jacob. Tap, positifnya hal tersebut mampu menunjukkan kalau Edward sangat mencintai Bella. Hohoho.