Memories in Bali

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"M y mom tells me a story,
that Heaven is really beautiful,
a place that we never seen before,
a place that only give happiness and peace.
Maybe, God gives us one micrometer of heaven into this world.
And I think, one of that little piece is Bali...

I've never traveled out of my country before - although I really want it and I have passport that I never used - So, I will tell you a story about my wonderful-local-travelling days in one of beautiful islands in the world, in Indonesia, Bali.

As a romantic person, Kuta beach occupies the first position on my wishlist - the wishlist of places where I must go. So, when finally my class decided to tour to Bali, I was the first one who put my own name in the registration paper.

Even though it was not my first time I went to bali, my heart was pounding as if it wants to burst - it makes sense since my last experience in Bali when I was five years old. The only thing that I can remember was eating ice cream wherever I go. Romantic memories?? I do not even understand the meaning of 'romantic' at the time.Haha X)

Back to the story. My friends and I flight at 6 a.m. from Banjarmasin - our hometown - to Surabaya. Then, we took a big tour bus that lead us to Bali. We prefer to take the bus because the cost is cheaper. Another reason was because we want to enjoy the scenery on the road. After going through so many challenges, like starving, vomiting friends, fainting, and almost grazed a truck, we finally reached Ketapang-Gilimanuk port - a port that connects Java island and Bali island with a large ferry boat.

Currently, the moon was hanging in the night sky and we all sat on the deck of the ferry, withstand the cold of the sea breeze and sleepiness. It's just that sleep isn't in our vocabularly if it means we have lost a lot of amazing memories, like a beautiful night on the sea.

The ferry docked at dawn, when the sun is preparing to reveal its mane. We quickly headed for the Sanur Beach, and prepare to meet the day's sun.

As soon as we enjoy the new born sun, we headed to a simple but very comfortable hotel. We just need a few times before getting back to explore the island of the Gods.

Unconsciously, we have demonstrated stomachs. However, a plate of Sate Lilit and a cup of tea can relieved our hungry and angry stomachs. Enough to fill our energy to explore Bali.

For two days in a row, we explored some of bali island, and of course it wasn't enough. Starting to felt the cool morning air in Bedugul, when the dew is still hanging in the air. The shades of beautiful and peaceful of Bedugul, as if it bit us in the magical serenity.

We also boarded a speed boat whose floor has been replaced with glass, allowed us to be able to see the underwater scenery as we headed to Tanjung Benoa, The Turtle breeding places.

We also went to a unique place where five of worship places of five different religions stand in one area. There are Agung Ibnu Batutah mosque, Paroki Maria Bunda Segala Bangsa Catholic Church, Buddha Guna vihara, GKPB Jemaat Bukit Dua Protestant church, and Jagatnatha temple. They are standing like a symbol of inter-religious harmony. Bring the peace and love among us.

During that short-two days, we visited silversmith and bought some souvenirs, cheap shopped at Sukawati market, played Banana Boat and parasailing in Tanjung Benoa, and for the last, we spent the evening at Kuta Beach - my favorite moment.

Spent the evening with walk around on barefoot in the soft sand. Jogged chasing waves that never tired to dance. Until we finally sat down and bowled together, staring at the sun that slowly sucked into the sea.

And just for me, I felt happines and incredible God's blessings, as if I had just reunited with my long-lost-soulmate, Kuta.

And to recall that sweet memories, I made a slide show for my old friends, wherever they go now, for my friends who I really want to shared, for my new friends who really want to know a little piece of Bali, and for me to always remember and feel that peacefulness again.

I wrote this post to join Asian On-Air Program 2013 event. If you want to participate, you can write your own travel story and become a friend with Korean Air Southeast Asia facebook. I knew that others write some overseas tour story, but maybe this is a chance for me to introduce my own country. So please, enjoy the story.

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