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Hi! Welcome to my blog!
I hope you can enjoy this page and find what do want to know.
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My name is Enoey.
Thanks to open my blog. I love writing, translating and editing photo. So, I hope I will be a professional author plus singer in the future which I plan not so long from today.haha. Wish me luck! My secret dream which no longer secret now is live in Seoul, South Korea. Or at least I have a mini book store with a mini cafe in Seoul. My hobbies are reading and translating, it is just because I want to mastery some of language in this world. The list are Korean, Japanese, English, France, and Spanish. But, the problem is I can not find the teacher to teach me how to speak in those language.

Some of my short story are published in newspaper. Even, some people think that I'm not capable to be a writer. Beside that, I love singing too. Some of my friends want me to sing sometime. For me, singing is one of some way to get out from my problem
to express my feeling
to take a little breathe to life.
I have a small happy family. There are my mom, dad, and my baby sister "IYU".
I always gratefull for God that's give this great life.

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