Manga Freak : Honey & Honey Drops

by - 4:15 PM

OMG. I'm crazy about this manga. Well, the story maybe full with the 'smut' thing but the message from this story is great. That "love can grow even you come up from different world of your soulmate". *Ugh so sweet. And if you loved someone, you must have him! *gezzz
And everything become right, when U fell in love *disagree xixixi.

Unfortunately, this manga still 'ongoing' mode which is mean that I dont know about the ending. But it's started with 'hot' opening. *wow. 

I'm happy, I can read and download it. Even, I cant download all of the chapter that released. But, I can keep up with read the rest.

So, after I downloaded in  a_spesial site, I've continued reading in Mangafox.  Hope the scanlator will finish it as soon as possible. Thanks for alicedream scanlator actually.

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