Dear God 1/89

by - 4:55 PM

Dear God,
Today, I just want to sing my sadness story in front of You. Because no one want to hear it. Because I know, that’s only You who will hear it, even if my mouth are closing when the song billowed.

I stand in the edge of the happiness. Pretending that I’m not afraid. But the truth is, I was frightened. Even jumping more better than stay on the earth as though. And the place to hold was very expensive to bought.

My legs as fragile as my heart. Sometime the wind make them shaking. Moving more nearest to the dark valley, down and down, a place for someone who give up asking for the chance. Sometime the rain make them growing. Give a little hope that the rose will be blooming.

Human has many story in their short life. Family, friends, school, love, what they take, what they give. But nobody know, how their story will be end. Is that happy? Is that sad? Is that OK to make their own role played?

Long time ago, I was a frog. Who always jump, stone by stone. Story by story. If family hurts me, I jump to my friends. If my friends betrayed me, I jump to my school. If my school suppressed me, I jump to my love. And if my love left me, I jump to my own cry. Full with something which dont need any name to exist. The taste of they are, prove that they live in my soul, swimming and dancing like in a ball. Mooking at me like I am a fool.

The frog death. And I reborn as a princess who has to be brave. But the fate was fake. So I’m drown to my own sake. And every story that I have is going to be sad. Disturbing me with feeling unsafe.

Tears is a friend. Trouble give some sobs. No doubt. But when I pray to you, my Lord. My pain will be off. And give me a hope, that You will hear, even every doors in this world was closed.

20 October 2010 22.42

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