Victory Is Not A Happy Ending Story

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Ok, I'm still shocking right now. It's almost midnight and I can't sleep. Why? Because I WIN! OH MY GOD - MY ALMIGHTY AND MERCIFUL GOD, ALLAH SWT - I win the event, The Asian On Air Program 2013 Event. I've already jump, scream, and almost cry. It is my dream, to go to South Korea. And this is the second chance that Allah gives to me. For someone who always been told that is impossible for someone like me to reach my dream, to go to overseas. But look, just God that have a right to say that, and I really win.

Happy? of course! Confuse?? Yap. That's why I make this post title as 'Victory Is Not A Happy Ending Story'. You can't get a big thing with an easy way. When you want to get a better thing, you must have a great effort too. And became a winner doesn't guarantee that you can definitely get the prize. Why? Because I have yet to get a visa. For normal days, I just need maybe a week to make it, and it's not really a big deal according to people who already made a visa. Yah, for a normal days.

But, for these days, with APEC event that held in Bali and Idul Adha that will celebrate in 15th October, The visa is something like my new challenge to get my real prize.

I got this news in the Korean Embassy website, "Sehubungan dengan diadakannya APEC SUMMIT 2013 di Bali Pada Tanggal 3 Oktober hingga tangga 9 Oktober 2013, Maka proses visa akan terhambat.Jika anda ingin berkunjung ke Korea dengan berbagai tujuan diharapkan untuk mempertimbangkan dan mengatur jadwal keberangkatan sehubungan dengan acara APEC SUMMIT 2013."

"In relation with the holding of APEC SUMMIT 2013 in Bali On October 3 to October 9, 2013, then the visa process will be hampered. If you would like to visit Korea with various objectives are expected to consider and arrange in connection with this event".

Ok, they didn't say that I can't process my Visa but this was mean that I'm not getting the easy way. I think God gives me a challenge to test, how I deserve this prize. So, wish me luck guys.

Can you see my name in that announcement? I've got number six.wkwkwkwk. If I recall the moment I read that, I still feel flying. Haha. Where there is a will, there is a way. Haha. Thanks a lot for Korean Air Southeast Asia and Korean Tour Organization that let me win this event. Thank you so much!!!

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