Traditional Dance Performances "Merajut Tari Banua 2013"

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It's been a very long time since I watched some traditional dance performances from South Kalimantan. And I'm very pleasure to see it again in the proper moment to take a deep breath from some routines in these days. Thanks a lot for my friend who invited me in. It is beautiful performance and I really enjoy it. 

Event titled "Merajut Tari Banua 2013" has been held in Balairung Sari, Taman Budaya Banjarmasin on December, 18  2013. Featuring dances from 13 dance studios in 13 districts in South Kalimantan. This event was also enlivened by dance from West Java and it presented by the mojang pahariyangan dancers. Mojang pahariyangan is epithet for a girl from West Java who known as a pretty, kind, and friendly girl.

The event opened with a few words of greeting and prayer. It has begun with a dance performed by three beautiful girls from West Java. And then it was continue with a couple traditional dance, also from West Java.

And after that  thirteen dance groups from 13 districts performed, one by one.

Among the traditional dance performances from South Kalimantan, two traditional dances from West Java re-appear. Making the atmosphere more pleasant, increasingly.

These photos are taken by me and my friend, Humaidi. Thanks to him for inviting me and lend me his camera.

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