Korean Movie and Korean Drama about Idol's Life

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Well, actually I am in process in editing, translating, and making some financial reports, but I want to search some movies to refresh my brain a little bit. Huehehe. And I really want to watch some Idol's life movie, but I just found a few of it. When I'm typing 'korean movie idol' as keywords in google, I just found  so many Mr. Idol movie. Which I've already watched. So, I have an idea to make a list Korean Movies and Korean Dramas whose stroy about Idol's life. At least it makes me remember about all K-movies and K-Dramas that I've already watched.  :)

Why I really like to watch the movie about Idol's life? Well, because sometimes it's reveal the life that they hide before. Although it's just a fiction story but, a fiction is born from some realities, right? And the second reason is, they have real idols who play in that kind movies or dramas. hohohoho.

Korean Movies about Idol's life
Mr. Idol
White: The Melody of Curse

Korean Dramas about Idol's life

Full House
You are Beautiful
Marry Stayed Out All Night
You've Fallen for me / Heart String
Dream High
Dream High 2
The Strongest K-Pop Survival
My Black Mini Dress
To The Beautiful to You
My Love from the Star

Do you have any suggestion?

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