Do and Don't After Broken Heart: Fun Day With Friends

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Okay, today before I post the translation of Spirit Bound and some travel story, I would like to tell you about  my happy day with my friends. And honestly, this is a tip for you to move on after a broken heart. Hehehe. 

Let's talk about what should we do after our disaster situation because someone that you loved gone, already have a girlfriend, or died - the last one is a fate so if it happened to you, you should be sincere.  God knows better. Just believe that is the best way for you. And the next explanation is for reason number one and two. ;)

First, get close with your religion! That's a must! The more you love your God, the more you know that your God is really love you. That's why our God make us break apart with someone that we thought love us, because that man or woman are not the best one for you. 

"...perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not. " Al Baqarah 216.

Second, love your family. Their love is the pure one. Your mom, your dad, your brother, your sister. There is an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, but there is no ex-mom, ex-dad, ex-brother, or ex-sister. Trust me!

Third,  have fun with your friends but remember the good one. For note, some people outside sometimes have a wrong choice. They ran from their problem into the new one. They hung out with wrong people, like the negative one and gave them the negative effects.  Oh please, when someone choose to leave you for another  person, just prove that they are wrong! Prove to them that you are better than that person and make them regret to leave you. 

If you destroy yourself, that doesn't make any sense for them. They already live happily ever after with the new one. And how about you? Feeling miserable with no future?? Oh Come on. God gives you a chance to be a better person when you separate from someone that isn't good for you. So, wake up and create your best future, be the better one, be the success person! The best REVENGE for someone who hurt you is MAKE THEM REGRET for leaving you.

Ok, that some way for us to move-on from our miserable broken heart. And actually there are more of it. And I will share it later - plus with DON'T things.

And these are my photos when I have a fun day with my postive friends, got a positive feeling. And believe me, it is better than destroy yourself or trapping in some hospital room. ;)

Photo by Humme
Make up by Kiky
Photo Editing by me ;)

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