[ Unboxing ] SHINee Why So Serious? : The Misconcepton of Me

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Ommo... after waitng hours and hours and hourS...finally I've got someone who really kind to unboxing this DAEBAK ALBUM!!!

And the good news is there is PHOTOCARD in it!! WHOAAAA!!!

"Chapter 2. Why So Serious? – The Misconceptions of Me" is the second part from the third full-length album of South Korean group Shinee, released on April 29, 2013 in South Korea. It is the second part of two albums under the umbrella title "Dream Girl", the first being Chapter 1. Dream Girl – The Misconceptions of You. Member Jonghyun said that the fourth album has a darker and dreamier feel to it compared to the previous album. cr: Wikipedia

Enjoy the unboxing video ^_^!

The tracklist of Why So Serious?

2."Why So Serious?"
3."Shine" (Medusa I)
4."오르골" (Orgel)
5."Dangerous" (Medusa II)
6."Like a Fire"
7."Excuse Me Miss"
9."떠나지 못해"

cr Video : mikomeng88

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