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"S omeone said to me once, there are three treasures for a woman; the kindness and intelligence, hand skills, and the health.
When a woman has the kindness and intelligence, she will look beautiful.
When a woman skilled to do many things, she also will look beautiful.
And when a woman has a good health, she will look beautiful.
Thus, if every woman produces the smallest piece of the beauty, then basically, every woman is born beautiful. "

It means that every baby who was born as woman, has gifted by the God with the dazzling beauty. Maybe, that is one of the reasons why we like to kiss a baby, especially for a girl. The question is, why are there two kinds of woman in this world? Beautiful and not? If woman already has the beauty since she cries for the first time as a baby, why she doesn't look pretty when she grown-up? The answer is easy, it is because she did not care about the gift that she has.

Beautiful and healthy, is the dream of woman. Now I knew why my mom always nags to make me drink jamu and take care of my face, like everyday. The reason is clear, to be pretty and healthy. And I think, maybe, that is recognized by INHA International Medical Center, that the greatest need by woman now is always be beautiful and healthy. 

Located approximately 5 minutes from Incheon International Airport while offering six services in six departments in one building, is clearly a distinct advantage of Inha International Medical Center. There are six service here is: 

1. Health Promotion Center
2. Dentistry
3. Korean Medicine
4. Plastic Surgery
5. Dermatology
6. SPA

I myself enjoy the experience of the medical check-ups with the results sent directly to my personal email. The service is very friendly and pleasant. And as a woman, knowing that I still have a healthy body, making me feel even more grateful for the life that God has given.

This opportunity is given in Asian On Air Program 2013 by Korea Tourism Organization and Korean Air. Thanks a lot for helping me to reach my dream. I love Korea, I love my life. 

Official Website INHA Medical

Photo Credit: Official Website INHA Medical

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