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E very human in this world was born to grown as creatures that will never satisfied with all the things that they have.
And me too.
Five days are never enough to explore the beauty of Korea.
Five days are never enough for someone like me who already and unconditionally fall in love with the Korean's autumn leaves.
Five days are never enough to make me dance as a princess in Goong* or taste a sweet love like in Boys Before Flower*.
But these five days were five amazing days that happened in my life, in my flustered year. With my broken wings, I flew to Seoul

I believe, and right now have started to really believe, that all the awesome things in this world came from dreams and imagination. Although, there will be many people who will reproach you, courage to dream. Although, there will be many people who will laughing at you, remains to dream. And although, there are many people who may be trying to bring you down, be strong for dreaming.

At the beginning of 2013, I wrote three resolutions on a piece of yellow paper that I adhere on my wall. And I wrote "Go to South Korea" in the first place, whereas the second and the third is the fastest resolutions - that maybe - to happen. But still I wrote 'go to South Korea' at the top of the list.

And thanks God, KTO and Korean Air give me a chance to join Asian On Air Program and go to Seoul for five days!

Fly to Seoul is one of my biggest dreams. So, share this experience is like an honor for me. And I think I will share it continuously until I finish to spend every detail that recorded in my head.

I posted my 'Fly To Seoul' in series, to share the beauty of Seoul, to remain me these beautiful and amazing experience, to invite you to explore more about Korean. And trust me, I want more. ^_^

INHA International Medical Center
❤ Korean Air Headquarter
Yongin MBC Dramia
❤ Namsan Tower (N-Seoul Tower)
❤ K-Beauty Experience : Ra Beauty Core
❤ K-Beauty Experience : Jurlique SPA
❤ K-Pop Experience : MNet Count Down
❤ KTO -Tourism Information Center
❤ Korean Food

❤ Hongdae
❤ Namdaemun and Dongdaemun Market
❤ Cosme Road - Myeongdong
❤ Insadong - Samcheongdong
❤ Twosome Place
❤ Kyochon
❤ Tosokchon
The Designer Hotel
❤ Marigold Hotel
❤ Come and Back in International Airport Incheon

Thanks to give this chance to visit Seoul, to meet so many new friends, to feel how wonderful to know everything for the first time. Thanks KTO and Korean Air.

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